Creating context

Our solutions help optimize your
communication. Accomplish your goals by
constantly focusing and giving value to the data
being generated in your organization.


Communication: Redefined

One platform. Endless possibilities

Our omnichannel software enables you to communicate with your customers across a variety of channels
from a singular platform. Online summaries, SMS alerts, direct mail, and printing services. We are your one-stop communication shop.


Unlock the value of your data

Organizations produce and receive massive volumes of information from their customers. The data that is being produced represents an immense potential value. The processed data enables better insight in their business and customers to make key decisions with the end goal of obtaining positive results from future strategies. Our 20+ year expertise in data processing and transformation helps organizations standardize and automate the extraction of useful information.

Keeping your
data secure

Security is our top priority. We are SOC 2 TYPE 2 Compliant. Additionally, we are up to standard with ISO 27000. We want maximize our security offerings to better fit the needs of our clients.

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Data Xolutions Omnichannel

  • Documotion

    Dynamic documents that allow you to communicate with and market to your customers, all the while giving you insights to their customer behavior.

  • Costumer Support Platform

    Centralize Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and SMS communication with your clients all in the same platform.

  • Email integration

    Digital marketing and client communications through email, with online and offline functionalities.

  • Printing services

    Data variable printing and direct mail options for companies that need the paper trail.

Documotion ®

Interactive Digital Communication

Documotion is developed to communicate more efficiently with consumers through real time surveys and built-in feedback, all while gaining access to their behaviors for optimal advertising and gauging audience loyalty. The end goal? To help bring companies closer to their customers.

Multi-industry cohesiveness

Our platform is built for customers across any industry — all while creating opportunities for advertisers to find highly targeted audiences.

Tracking, amplified.

Use your campaign insights to create, maintain, or redirect your communication strategies to amplify your ROI.

Maximize your marketing

Increase the impact of your campaigns through optimized targeting to the right prospects in order to boost your sales.

Cross-platform capabilities.

Documotion is designed for online and offline functionality, across any device, meaning your customers are connected no matter what.

Comprehensive analytics.

Improve your online marketing strategies and the management of after-sales relationships with your customers by getting a clearer picture of their preferences and behaviors.

Something for everyone

Smart documents, digital catalogs, bank statements, and more enable us to provide a comprehensive advertising, business and customer engagement analytics platform.

One concept. Endless benefits

Documotion enables you to foster positive experiences with your customers, increasing their loyalty, and increasing your customer retention in the process.


Costumer Support Platform

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Web-based platform designed as a call-center for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and SMS. Out platform lets you support your client’s needs through communication tools they are familiar with by having them choose from the most popular communications Apps and SMS.

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Have an automatic response to costumer after initial contact while having the opportunity to answer any inquiry at the time of your convenience with out losing contact. Be able to send any type of file, video, communication within the same conversation. Ability to Scale conversation to different client support specialist with out your client knowing.


  • Send massive message communications to all client base

  • X amount of users in the same platform

  • Conversation history in HTML / Auditable conversation

  • Exchange PDF, video, audio notes, and image files

  • Create and administrate support profiles granting privileges according to the customer contact management

  • Creation of bad words dictionary that automatically scales the conversation to supervisor without the client getting the message

  • Generate instant reports

  • Escalate conversations when the support user cannot give solution

  • Indicators of inactivity by customer service users

  • Monitoring of conversations

  • Metrics for conversations, user productivity, campaign impact

  • Automatic responses

  • Scheduled communication shipments

Urgent information in an instant.

Send urgent alerts and request direct action with a simple text message.

Manage marketing communication and reach customers quickly with SMS campaigns, designed to break any communication barriers and allow for real-time updates.

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Straight to your customer’s inbox

Email communications designed to be targeted, easy to read, and accessible even without the internet.

Send targeted campaigns and personalized summaries directly to your customer via email. Summaries are available on and offline, meaning that your customer has access to the information they need whenever they need it, no exceptions.


Follow the paper trail

Reliable printing solutions tailor-made to your process and your needs. For compliance-friendly clients, our quick and trusted printing production allows you to funnel sensitive client data into the hands of experts who can meet your production and timing needs.
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We are passionate about communication and grateful for the opportunity to work with clients across any industry. As the business process outsourcing leaders in Latin America, we have over 20 years of experience in processing variable data, printing, and digital solutions. Our innovative team adopts new technologies in an effort to develop new products and services with one goal in mind: helping our clients compete and be successful, both today and in the future. Our mission is to have a significant impact on our clients, the industries we work in, and the global community. Our team works tirelessly to deliver the best service possible. From our production plants and offices in Mexico City and Monterrey, to our office in the United States, we share the same objective: to influence growth and economic competitiveness across North America.


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